Massive Land Jellyfish

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- Massive Land Jellyfish (Party-NPC)
For a long time the Massive Land Jellyfish was believed to be a legendary creature which was used to drive fear into the hearts of children. They were scared with stories about its long deadly nettles which it would wrap around disobedient children and strangle them. But then the fairytale suddenly became a deadly reality when the actual creature was discovered in the sewers of Konlir.
Attack Power: 52


Life Points: 8000 LP
Experience: 5 XP   Respawn:
Gold: 2 Gold


  • This NPC absorbs the entire damage, except for the additional damage generated by the party members located on the same field:
Massive Land Jellyfish absorbs XY points of damage.
  • This NPC bids a 10x higher chance for all Drop-Items.
  • This NPC has special characteristics that make a kill more difficult. On the Detail-Page you find further information.