Lesser Cloaking Spell

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tarnzauber.gif Lesser Cloaking Spell
This Lesser Cloaking Spell makes one invisible for 15 minutes. Other players cannot see you on the field anymore, but one is still visible through magic (such as the Scroll of Life Detection). You can attack other players while you are cloaked. Required Intelligence: 8.
(Spell, level: 7)
Requirements:   Origin:
  • Only to get through a Quest
  • Attention: Spells can still be used on you, since you still can be chosen even if you are invisible, so if you are on a poorly visited field, you can be "unmasked" by the selection at using spells.
  • You can't be seen on the field, but you still are visible on spells like the Scroll of Life Detection.
  • not usefull for PKs, because when the 15 minutes are over, you still are pacified for one more minute, and so can't use the surprise effect.

Attention: This is an item the price of which varies a lot compared to the default prices when trading with other players. Details can be found here.


Puts the user for 15 minutes into the conditions Cloaked and Protection and for 16 minutes into the condition Pacified

Example User ??
  • This Item belongs to a Quest.

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