Fire Servant

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diener.gif Fire Servant (Party-NPC)
A being which seems to possess the remarkable skill in controlling fire and using it to its advantage.
Attack Power: 150


Life Points: 20.000 LP
Experience: 2 XP   Respawn:
  • Pensal (Position X: 52 Y: 110)
    This NPC will respawn in this area. If it is able to move on its own, you will also find it in other regions.
Gold: 50 Gold


  • This NPC absorbs the entire damage, except for the additional damage generated by the party members located on the same field:
Fire Servant absorbs XY points of damage.
  • This NPC bids a 10x higher chance for all Drop-Items.
  • This NPC can't lose more than 400 LP per hit.
  • This NPC is immune to Ranged Weapons, Yellow Acid, Spark Thrower and all kind of Amulets.
  • This NPC can heal the last damage caused to it.
  • This NPC can paralyse a player for 30 seconds.
  • This NPC can heal himself completely if the field is still burning.
  • If the Fire Servant is attacked on a non-burning field and there are burning fields left in Pensal, the Fire Servant will teleport one of the burning fields.
  • The NPC's image was created by Nyrrti.