Figurine of Strength

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Disambig-dark.svg There is also the stronger version called Figurine of Great Strength.
statuederkraft.gif Figurine of Strength
A Figurine of Strength that seems to be made up of two smaller statues that were attached to each other. This figurine increases your Strength (and thus your Attack Power) for half an hour. Within this period you cannot attack other players. A Pearl of Strength is required for each use. And you need the Attack Energy Skill to use this figurine.
(Spell, level: 11)
Requirements:   Origin:
  • The Figurine itself can be used over and over again.
  • The Pearl of Strength dissipates in the process.

Attention: This is an item the price of which varies a lot compared to the default prices when trading with other players. Details can be found here.

Example Player holds up a Figurine of Strength and increases his Strength by XY for half an hour.
Your Strength (and thereby your Attack Power) was increased by XY by the Figurine of Strength.