Counterspell: Incapacitation

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gegenzauber.gif Counterspell: Incapacitation
This counterspell automatically counters any Incapacitation Spell used on you. It is sufficient to have the counterspell in your inventory. If someone casts an Incapacitation Spell on you, the spell is deflected onto the attacker and incapacitates them instead.
(Spell, level: 9)


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Attention: This is an item the price of which varies a lot compared to the default prices when trading with other players. Details can be found here.

  • If an Incapacitation Spelle is used on a player, who have this item in the Inventory, the protection is activated and the initiator of the Incapacitation Spelle gets incapaitationed. The counterspell dissolves thereby.
Example User wendet einen Zauber der Starre an auf Example User, der Zauber wird jedoch durch einen Gegenzauber reflektiert und Exampler User kann sich nun für 10 Minuten weder bewegen noch angreifen.

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