Antique Die of Knowledge

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antwuerf.gif Antique Die of Knowledge
This antique die contains knowledge. When used, the die dissolves and transfers the knowledge it contains to you, which in turn shortens the remaining learning time of your current Skill. However, a huge amount of Phase Energy is required in order to liberate the knowledge contained inside the die. The discovery of this die proves that Phase Energy isn't new, and has apparently been used in the distant past.
(Spell, level: 8)
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Attention: This is an item the price of which varies a lot compared to the default prices when trading with other players. Details can be found here.

  • When using the Antique Die of Knowledge the learning time of your currently trained skill will be reduced randomly by 1 to 50 minutes.
Example user holds up an Antique Die of Knowledge, which starts shining brightly for a few seconds and then dissolves. The learning time of Sample user's skill is shortened by x minutes.