Amulet of Scavenging

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Disambig-dark.svg This article describes the strongest version of the Amulets of Scavenging. The weaker version is Amulet of Lesser Scavenging.
beuteamulett.gif Amulet of Scavenging
When this amulet is worn, there is a 3% chance of activating a Scavenging Spell for 15 minutes each time you attack an NPC. The spell allows you to automatically pick up all items dropped by an NPC.
(Amulet, Level: 4)
Requirements:   Origin:





Attention: . When trading with other players the sales prices can vary noticeably. Details can be found here.

Exampleuser is engulfed by a Scavenging Spell and automatically picks up all dropped items from now on.