Scavenging Spell

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beutezauber.gif Scavenging Spell
The Scavenging Spell lets you automatically pick up all items dropped when you kill an NPC or a player. It lasts for one hour.
(Spell, level: 3)
Requirements:   Origin:



Attention: These are default prices at the shops. The market price when trading with other players can vary greatly!

  • Puts the user into a identically named condition:
Example User uses a Scavenging Spell and from now on automatically picks up all items dropped when he kills an NPC or a player for the next hour.
  • Let's you automatically pick up all Items which are dropped by an NPC or a Character, also if they were lying there before the combat, for one hour.
Example User picks up one Example Item with the help of a Scavenging Spell