Amulet of Lesser Frostspite

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Disambig-dark.svg This article describes the weakest version of the Amulets of Frostspite. The stronger version is the Amulet of Frostspite.
frostamu.gif Amulet of Lesser Frostspite
When this amulet is worn, there is a 20% chance of causing additional Frost Damage each time you strike at an NPC. The Frost Damage corresponds to 15% of your own Strength (Attack Power without Weapon).
(Amulet, Level: 2)
Requirements:   Origin:



Attention: . When trading with other players the sales prices can vary noticeably. Details can be found here.

  • There is a chance of 20% that one's attack power is increased by 15% of the attack power without weapons when doing single strikes .
Exampleuser harms the Example-NPC with XY Points of Frost Damage.
  • NPCs can't die of the amulet's damage.
  • This Item belongs to a Quest.