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portalmaschine.gif Portal Machine
A Portal Machine which can take you directly to various locations in this world. The Portal Machine taps directly into your Portal. Therefore you need a Portal at the House of Portals in Reikan to use it, and a Large Energy Shard to meet its energy requirements. There is a 10% chance that the Large Energy Shard will dissolve when using the machine.

Unlike a Portal in Reikan, the machine can also reach several dungeons because of the additional energy channelled by it.

(Spell, level: 9)
Requirements:   Origin:


Miscellaneous:   Prices:

Attention: These are default prices at the shops. The market price when trading with other players can vary greatly!

Example User activates a Portal Machine and vanishes in a cloud of black smoke.
Example User steps out of a portal which has formed here for a split second.

→ see also: House of Portals/Extension