Grotto of Death

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Grotto of Death
The Grotto of Death is an underground area, in old tales called Tasra, where a strong curse reigns. The further one goes, the more one perceives the curse on oneself, for example by losing the control over magic items, loss of camouflage or magical protection. Moreover, there are several extreme strong NPC in the grotto. It is said that there is no creature who can resist the curse. The only exit leads to Hewn; many adventurers who planned to use spells died - the only other way to leave the cave.
The Dungeon has been created using the map model of Gangrils.
12px-Earth.png Grotto of Death

The Dungeon is a part of the area Hewn.

  • You will find a detailed list of all fields in this dungeon here.
  • This dungeon can only be reached with a Portal Machine.
  • The curse in the grotto occurs in several stages.
    (Attention, Spoiler!)