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Humans is the generic term for four different Races in Freewar:

  1. Human Worker (H/W)
  2. Human Warrior (H/WA)
  3. Human Sorcerer (H/S)
  4. dark Mage (DM)

In addition, give it the NPCs Caveman , Kurnotan - the dark Mage , Nomad , Mage of dark Might , Mage of the Protection and Old Man, Several people in the same field descriptions, but not occur on a field as NPC, like the Philosoph in Konlir, the Wanderer in Forest of the Lonely Tree or the Ice Spike collecting Women in Nawor.

Humans in the racial structure[edit]

All Humans except the dark Mages belong to the Alliance, as all are born outside of them in Konlir, it birthplace is the Fortress of the Dark Mages in Lost valley.

Humans in the History of Freewar[edit]

According to the human history were Worker, Sorcerer and Warriors together with Onlos and Tarunans the first Races of the World, from the Sorcerers split then dark Mages from and out of the Workers incurred by Serum Wraiths.

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