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FreewarWiki Tutorial
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  • FreewarWiki Tutorial

Hello an welcome to FreewarWiki.

The FreewarWiki Tutorial is meant to be a quick and easy introduction into handling the wiki system and content guide lines in order for you to gain an overview and join in our communal effort as smoothly as possible.

On the following pages we will firstly explain how the wiki syntax works. That then is followed up by some basic principles we adhere to at FreewarWiki. You will notice, that all the information is presented in a very brief and compact way so you don't have to spend ages reading. If you need more information on a specific topic you can always have a look into the in-depth coverage of the topic that is linked in the footer where present.

If you would like to try out things you have read about rather use our FreewarWiki:Sandbox instead of creating your own article right away.

And now let's get started ...