Enchanted Water

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lebendeswasser.gif Enchanted Water (M)
This water was enchanted specifically to fight the cursed fires that frequently erupt in Pensal, because normal water has no effect on the flames. Furthermore, the water has a regenerating effect on the burnt plants, so that the damage caused by the fire can be reversed completely.
(Spell, level: 5)


  • This is a magic item that will dissipate over 9 minutes.
  • Every player is able to get it only once every 15 minutes.
  • It can be used only every 5 minutes.

Attention: These are default prices at the shops. The market price when trading with other players can vary greatly!

  • This water eradicates the flames of one field in Pensal.
Example User extinguishes the flames with enchanted water.
  • This Item belongs to a Quest.

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