Copola Spiderweb

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spinnennetz.gif Copola Spiderweb (M)
You can throw this web of the giant Copola Spider over other players on the field. The sticky web will constrict the person for 1 minute so that the victim cannot move, however they will retain the ability to shout and attack. You can use the web as often as you like before it dissipates.
(Spell, level: 6)
Requirements:   Origin:
  • This is a magic item that will dissipate over 10 minutes.
  • Can be used as often as you wish.
  • This item can not be preserved.

Attention: These are default prices at the shops. The market price when trading with other players can vary greatly!

  • Incapacitates another person for 1 minute.
Example User throws a Copola Spiderweb over Example Victim so that he cannot move for about a minute.
  • Can not be used on players who are already incapacitated.
  • This Item belongs to a Quest.