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The positions of fields on the Freewar Map are called Coordinates. Each field has a specific and unique X- and Y-Coordinate. The X-Axis goes from West to East, the Y-Axis from North to South. For example the Position X: 100, Y: 100 (Konlir - The Main Building) is directly southeast of X: 99, Y: 99.

Fields on the Surface have positive Coordinates while fields in Dungeons have negative Coordinates. This is really important for some Spells and Effects that only work "at the Surface of the World" - only with positive Coordinates that is.

The Freewar Map is two-dimensional: Although there is a difference between underground and high-leveled areas (Caves, Outer Space and others) in the Role Play Game, there is no Z-Coordinate to determine a hight level. The Outer Space is therefore, systematically, not above the Surface, but very far northwest of Kolun.

The Continent of the Freewar-World is located between the Coordinates X: 55, Y: 80 and X: 125, Y: 120. Islands that have the characteristic of separate areas have much higher positive coordinates (e.g. Narubia or the Frozen Island). They count to the Surface but are separated from the Continent so that distance dependent Spells ("... in a reach of 20 fields" or others) cannot work between those Islands and the Continent.

You can determine your own position by the X- and Y-Values above your map.

There are several possibilities to find out the position of other Players:

Not all those methods work if the Player searched for is not located on the Surface (if he or she is at a field with negative Coordinates.

The Articel Coordinates (list) lists all known Coordinates in Freewar.