Apparition`s Ring

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ringdererscheinung.gif Apparition`s Ring
This epic ring, which was believed to be a legend, allows you to teleport yourself to a player within a range of 20 fields every 3 minutes. This ring is unique and can only be owned by one player at a time. It automatically disappears as soon as another Faction gains control over the majority of Control Towers of this world.
(Spell, level: 11)


  • Dissolves when the control over the towers changes, i.e. this item can not exist more than once in the world.
  • After using the ring, you have to wait your standard moving time minus 3 seconds (which is usually 3 seconds).
  • Can be used to reach certain dungeons from other dungeons.

Attention: These are default prices at the shops. The market price when trading with other players can vary greatly!

  • Enables a player every 3 minutes to teleport to another player within a radius of 20 fields.
Example User uses the Apparition's Ring to teleport to a player on this world.
Example User appears out of thin air using the Apparition's Ring.