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Academy Level is a value increasing by taking courses at an academy.

If this level is higher than your own experience (XP), you can't take further courses any academy and you're pacified (beyond the Duel Zone or against Clan Enemies); if the level is lower or equal, those regulations aren't applying to you. Your academy level reaching less than 90% of your own experience, means to receive no more experience from fights against other players. The number of points gained by taking courses of an academy, depends on the type of academy. Reduction of academy level is possible by having removed a course at the dark tower.

An exalted academy level isn't only an advantage over battles against NPCs or other players, but is also required to use better weapons in upper XP-ranges.


A player has taken courses, one of the academy of strength, two of Academies of Life and one academy of inner strength. His academy level now equals to 440 points.

What does that mean?

  • Having less than 440 XP: It's neither possible for one to attack other players, nor to take further courses at any academy.
  • Having at least 440 XP: One can do both, attack other players and take further courses at an academy.
  • Having more than 440 XP (Academy level is less than 90% of one's XP): One receives no more XP by killing other players.

Minimum academy level[edit]

Since 28th February 2007, by installation of the Massive Jellyfish Tentacle there has been a minimum academy level. To use certain weapons you have to have a definite academy level. There's no difference between the type of courses taken to reach this minimum academy level. Sotrax wanted academies to come to the fore by this upgrade.

Experience gain[edit]

by NPCs[edit]

If your academy level is 20% of your own experience or lower, you won't get any experience by killing NPCs. When this is the case you are informed about it and explained how much your academy level has to be to gain experience in the battle report. With help by the Wooden Crossbow of Experience, one of the Amulets of Experience or the Amulet of Fiery Experience you can always receive XP.

The 20%-rule becomes effective when you reach 5.001 experience

by PvP[edit]

You can't receive XP from players if your academy level is less than 90% of your experience.