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This article is incomplete. Please help us and add the missing or correct the precarious (watch out for the ?) statements (prices of items, dropped gold from NPCs, etc.).

Article requires better, complete translation.

Easy Entry:
Q How do you make on this wiki Redirects redirects? (Redirect)?
A With #REDIRECT [[Target]]
Q How to use characters that are otherwise used for editing ([,' etc)
A With <nowiki> [[Example]] </nowiki>
Q How do you get through these tables of contents as in Portal:Freewar-Fansites
A A table of contents is automatically created from four headings. A headline puts it with == Headline == on. To force a table of contents, you must __TOC__ on the appropriate place to write.
Q Should Quest solutions that are permitted according Wikioperator here yes, with a Quest: be marked before the title, so that each of the tension will not spoil, is warning?
A Yes, see FreewarWiki:Guidelines. Please never reveal anything similar quest, if the article no "Quest:" has before.
Q How to make Signatures in discussions?
A --~~~~ typing. Footnote: The -- are not necessary, but they apply on the Internet (Usenet, E-Mail) generally seen as a sign, that is followed by a signature.
Q How to make External Links?
A With [ Linktext]
Q What does this mean |colspan="3" |?
A A table cell spread over three columns of Table.
Q If an Item has an odd purchase price, is the Sellprice, as we know the half of the purchase price is, rounded up or down?
A The price will be rounded down. A Item, that costs in purchasing 15 Gold, the sale is worth only 7 gold.
Q How can I view all articles, to each other by the name includes, without it are categorised (z. B. "Template:..." or "FreewarWiki:...")?
A This one uses the special page Allpages, where the corresponding namespace (Template, FreewarWiki) can choose from a list.
Q How can I site anchor, as in HTML <a name="Ankername"></a> define and use?
A There is now a template
  • {{Anchor|Name}}, with which one invisible anchor somewhere in an article can be defined as a jump target and this one fits
  • {{Anchorlink|Name|Article|Writing}}, with whom one to so defined anchor can jump. Within the same article just like in any other. With the name of the article can simply be omitted from the parameters (Name||Writing), if you relied on the current article/would relate the same page.
Q I have great ideas for the wiki, but do not know, where should I write this.
A If there are minor ideas, they put yet themselves directly to; they relate to the same change to multiple items or you do not know, how to implement it, then ask the parent page Discussionpage (also Category Discussion:Quests, what if you want to change about the quests) after.

For completely new ideas, you can also create your own article. Eighth but please also be noted, that the article is in FreewarWiki Namespace (so with FreewarWiki: begins), and that we can conclude already from the title of the idea.