Quest:Phased Lance

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Quest: Phased Lance
For fabricating a usuable Phased Lance, one has to fill an Incomplete Phased Lance with 800 Phase Spheres. The Phase Spheres are dropped by Phase Creatures. Death Protection or Theft Protection on the Incomplete Phased Lance will remain on the filled lance.
The Phased Lance of Example User was completed with 800 Phased Spheres. It now contains the strength of hundreds of dead Phased Creatures and from now on will serve its master in HER/HIS quest for greatness.

When completing the lance, the owner sees the following text:

As you fill the Lance with the final Phased Sphere you are overwhelmed by its power. You now have a Phased Lance, and you feel the strength of every single Phased Creature that died for this weapon to be created surge through your muscles.