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As the title of my review suetgsgs, this little tree is absolutely adorable and looks just like Charlie Brown's christmas tree! I always felt so sorry for that little tree and I wanted to keep it for myself  and now I can! It is the perfect size at 18  tall to showcase on a coffee table or as a Christmas centerpiece! However, the tree is not made very well. You have to screw the two planks of wood together to a screw on the bottom of the tree and the screw wasn't long enough to fit into the bottom plank of wood, so my tree kept falling over! This was very easily remedied with some hot glue, but I was kind of aggravated by the fact that I had to fix it in the first place. Maybe this was just *my* tree though and not all trees will have this issue. Also, Linus' blue blanket is merely a thin strip of blue felt, but it's still cute and it does the job well!I gave this tree 4 stars because it is a great reminder of our childhoods (at least us 25-plus-year older folks) and watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special. Again, it is a very nice replica of the tree and it is a great conversation piece! I am extremely happy that I decided to purchase this adorable little tree!Buy this tree!  So it takes a little glue to put together  doesn't that make it all the more wonderful in the end? Charlie Brown's tree wasn't perfect, either. It just  needed a little love  and attention and this tree deserves the same!

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