Saw Mill

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Saw Mill
Once upon a time this saw mill was considered a great idea. It would be used for producing magical furniture. Tables which would conjure food and set themselves; chairs which could transport a person from place to place; wardrobes which could sow beautiful dresses and cupboards which could make the most exquisit dishes. But this endeavour ended in a catastrophy. The workers used sentient, self-conscious trees and plants for the furniture, and sawed into pieces the living, screaming trees without mercy. But then one day the plants struck back. A group of Pironians entered the saw mill one night and infused the plants and trees with such powers that they could take control over the mill. In their fury they slaughtered all the workers in the most vicious ways. After this massacre the mill was sealed with a very powerful curse. Many years have passed since that memorable event, and for years nobody had entered the saw mill.
The Dungeon has been created using the map model of Daki.
12px-Earth.png Saw Mill

The Dungeon is a part of the area Tangia.

  • You will find a detailed list of all fields in this dungeon here.
  • The Dungeon can only be reached by a Quest, otherwise one will be teleported out. This also happens after the course of one hour.
ExampleUser is teleported out of the saw mill by a walking tree.
  • This dungeon can only be reached by completing a Quest.