Quest:Dagger of Fire

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night20.jpg Narubia - House of Disposal  
X: 500 Y: 56
lahero037.jpg Lardikia - The Water Pavilion  
X: 116 Y: 115
Quest: Dagger of Fire
For fabricating a Dagger of Fire, one needs Peculiar Rubbish that can be gained in Narubia at the House of Disposal by disposing items there. The Tarunan at the Water Pavilion in Lardikia exchanges the Peculiar Rubbish for a Dagger of Fire.
Example User receives a Dagger of Fire from the Tarunan.
The confused Tarunan takes your peculiar rubbish and washes it in the water with his sandy hands. In the end all that remains is a Dagger of Fire which he hands to you.