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Kelgari is a special Christmas dungeon that exists only in the English Freewar world.

It was originally the idea of Kronos and Amaryll.
Kronos did the programming, Amaryll wrote the texts and Fairytree drew the beautiful images for the NPCs and Items, and she also created the map of Kelgari.
The dungeon was first implemented Christmas 2010. Every year the three creators come up with new NPCs, Items and Quests.

The dungeon was added on 24.12.2010 and was created using the map of Fairytree.
12px-Earth.png Kelgari
  • You will find a detailed list of all fields in this dungeon here.
  • The entire dungeon is friendly.
  • This dungeon can only be accessed at Christmas and a few weeks after that.
  • This dungeon can only be reached by giving a special item to the Upset Snowman. The item he requests changes every year.
ExampleUser hands the snowman his new eyes, and out of gratitude the snowman teleports her to a most wondrous place.