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This article is incomplete. Please help us and add the missing or correct the precarious (watch out for the ?) statements (prices of items, dropped gold from NPCs, etc.).

What is here?[edit]

This is a neat way to manually Quality assurance page, in which the different large and / or important construction sites and Projects the wiki are listed.

This is not a new todo, because this should list everything what to do still. Here, Projects will be announced, with the other see who cooperates when (big advantage to Todo).

That is why this page for more Permanent authors, which is something like to work more here than in improving individual pages. That still todo is there.

Just going projects[edit]


Here is the current Wiki project. This project is also mentioned in the main page, and all are cordially invited to help here!

Projektname Purpose Competitor Method Problems Status Link
FreewarWiki More arcticles, more facts. Galak, all users add facts manual, or automated looking for some help active FreewarWiki:Quality assurance