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In FreewarWiki there are several namespaces (german: Namensräume). These have the task, various Page Types to subdivide. Thus for example User Pages, Internal project pages and Image Descriptions own namespaces.

The title itself is one in a namespace placed side by the scheme Namespace:Page Title compound. To create a page in a namespace, has only the title will be entered. A namespace page receives for her Discussionssite also a separate namespace, compound of the root name space with the addition Discussion composed; So this is the scheme Namspace Discussion:Sitetitle.

Between different name spaces, there are no collisions Title. Thus for example, interferes with the User Page [[User:XY]] not an article called [[XY]]. Sites without Namespace can be found in Articlenamespace, who does not receive additional. In addition to a page, that is not in article namespace is, not by the function "Random Article" found.

Namespace Overview

MediaWiki Standard
Code internal name Content
-2 Media
-1 Special
0 Article
1 Talk
2 User
3 User talk
4 Project
5 Project talk
6 File
7 File talk
8 MediaWiki
9 MediaWiki talk
10 Template
11 Template talk
12 Help
13 Help talk
14 Category
15 Category talk
Code Localized name Content
100 Quest
101 Quest Diskussion
104 Unique
105 Unique Diskussion
106 Tutorial
107 Tutorial Diskussion
108 Map
109 Map Diskussion
110 Antiquity
111 Antiquity Discussion
112 Tipps/Tricks
113 Tipps/Tricks Discussion
114 Fields
115 Fields Diskussion
116 Marketprice
117 Marketprice Discussion
118 Style
119 Style Discussion
120 Task
121 Task Discussion

Proposals for Namespaces

Talk Archive already created Namespaces