Crystal Water Cave

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Crystal Water Cave
Like a treasure, the Crystal Water Cave is buried deep underground. Inside the cave there is a river, whose bottom sparkles as if it were made of fine metals. The cave is inhabited by various Crystal Waterplants and a Unique-NPC, the Death-Fin Fish.
12px-Earth.png Crystal Water Cave
  • You will find a detailed list of all fields in this dungeon here.
  • Once you are in the cave, you have to keep wearing the Crystal Water Amulet, it is not enough to simply carry it in your Intentory. Otherwise you will be teleported to Linya once you take one step without the amulet.
ExampleUser is taken to this place by transparent creatures.
ExampleUser is taken out of the cave by transparent creatures.
  • This dungeon can only be reached by completing a Quest.
  • In this dungeon, there is at least one Quest.