Quest:Soul Blade

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Quest: Soul Blade
In order to construct a Soul Blade, one first needs a Dead Soul Blade. This needs to be filled with 6000 Soul Capsules to get a fully functioning weapon. Potential protection against theft or loss from death will remain on the weapon when the weapon is completed.
ExampleUser fills a dead soul blade with xy Soul Capsules

Once the blade is filled with 6000 Soul Capsules, the following text appears:

The soul blade of ExampleUser lights up so brightly that the entire area around him/her is flooded with a blinding greenish light.

The player who completes the blade gets this message:

As you fill the sword with the last soul capsule the soul blade lights up so brightly it almost blinds you. But you cannot look away, you are just amazed by the intense power that emanates from this newly created weapon. Even as the bright light fades a faint greenish shimmer remains around the sword.