Quest:Shrinking Spell

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grillhaus.jpg Terbat - The Barbecue House  
X: 112 Y: 101
Quest: Shrinking Spell
The Purpur's Ghost in Terbat can make Shrinking Spells out of Salt Crystals and Lopac Nuts.
Example User receives a Shrinking Spell from the Spirit.

The Spirit of Purpur takes the salt crystal and flavours the lopac nut with it. He then puts the nut into his mouth and chews it for a long time. He spits it out and re-flavours it. He repeats this over and over again. Quite repulsed, you look at the Spirit as finally he hands you the chewed-up nut and calls it a Shrinking Spell.


Terbat - The Barbecue House (X:112/Y:101)


Purpur's Ghost