Quest:Baru Blade

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Quest: Baru Blade
In order to build a Baru Blade, one first needs a Blunt Baru Blade. This needs to be filled with 5000 bundles of Baru Corn to get a fully functioning weapon. The corn comes from the Cornfields in Torin. Potential protection against theft or loss from death will remain on the weapon when the weapon is completed.
ExampleUser sharpens a blunt baru blade with XY bundles of baru corn

Once the blade is sharpened with 5000 Baru Corn bundles, the following text appears:

The baru blade of ExampleUser lights up brightly and the air around him/her reverberates with a loud humming sound. The blade is now incredibly sharp.

The player who completes the blade gets this message:

As you sharpen the blade with the last bundle of corn it lights up brightly and the whole area around you reverberates. The power of the blade is so intense that for a few moments you just gaze awestruck at it.