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Every computer that is connected to the internet has its individual identification, a so called IP-Address, as short IP. By using this address it is possible to assign a computer to every single action. (This IP-Address is regenerated by the internet-provider every time a computer connects to the internet and comes from a delimited pool. According to this, it would be a rare chance that the same computer has the same IP-Address on different days.)

Is a person not logged in in the FreeWarWiki he will stay anonym while editing. However, the IP-Address the person had at the moment he changed something will be saved. It will also be shown in the version history.

The Administrators are able to block IP-Addresses besides only blocking registered users, resulting in that those are then unable to edit any article. Is the actual IP-Address of a registered user blocked and he logs in he will be still unable to edit an article.

According to a wiki sometimes it is spoken in a disparaging way about the IP-Address because it is insinuated that the person does not wanted to show his name to an edit he made (or the wiki is not worthy enough for the person to take the two minutes to create an account with his own name). For every type of constructive work it is suggested to register that you are able to write as someone with a name and not anly as "the IP". Thereby other Wiki-users have the possibility to contact the user by using the discussionpage of the user, in example for further inquieries according to a recently made edit or a recently created article. Indeed, "IPs" have own decisonpages too, but as the IP-Address, as explained before, changes with every reconnect, this isn't really helpful.

In some areas of the Freewar-Wiki - currently at the acquisition of shop prices and drop-rates (tally sheets) - changes which only are made from "an IP" will be countermanded respectively not counted because those areas are very sensible and a manipulation can not be ruled out.

Registered users who are temporarily not able to log in with their account normally sign with their username or name it in the edit comment that others are able to indentify the person they deal with.